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Title Industry Responds to COVID-19: Our Title Is Protection

Title insurance professionals take pride in protecting their customers by ensuring that their home is theirs when they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the title insurance industry has stepped up even more to help their communities. Whether it’s volunteerism, or innovation to get deals closed during this time of social distancing, the title industry is here to provide protection today, tomorrow, and forever.


Our Digital Pen

Our Digital Pen Speeds the Process and Helps Fight Cyber Crime

By Frank Pellegrini

In the modern business world the speed at which data moves is both a blessing and a curse. Bringing transactions to a quicker resolution is great. Unwittingly leaving unwanted holes in your cybercrime defenses as a result of technology clearly is not so great.

At Prairie Title we’ve adopted use of the Inx Digital Pen which uses innovative technology that allows the capture of both electronic and wet-ink signatures for any and all documents in our closing packages at any location. At the same time, the pen is a great fraud reduction tool.

The Inx Digital Pen gives us the power to close securely at any remote location while offering decreased processing times. Within seconds of the signing being completed, executed documents are uploaded to title software which can immediately be accessed by our lenders customers, buyers and sellers with the appropriate permissions. This saves us valuable time since we no longer need to locate, scan and email documents to the appropriate party for final review.

On top of having documents instantly uploaded, we also will have “wet-ink” signatures on all documents that can later be used for any lenders that require original signatures. At the same time, date and time stamped pen strokes are linked to GPS signing coordinates and enable signing location confirmation. Any other documents or photos that verify identity can also be uploaded as well with a click of the button. After completion, the final, executed Inx digital closing package is discreetly wrapped in a tamper evident seal that offers more security.

We’d love to show you how this great technology can work for you. Call Demetrius Cole, Closing Department manager, at 708-386-7900 (ext. 1345) to get started!

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This story first appeared in the third quarter 2018 edition of Assurance News from Prairie Title.
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