Assurance - Spring 2022

New! For our Attorney Alliance Network: Attorney Exam Portal Unveiled

By Frank Pellegrini

Members of Prairie Title’s Attorney Alliance network can now take advantage of our new Attorney Exam Portal (AEP). Using the portal, you can perform the following tasks online, on your schedule:

  • Receive a draft commitment together with a search package
  • Perform an exam
  • Amend or approve a draft commitment
  • Order a final commitment

Using the new portal does not change your role, it simply makes these tasks available to you online so they can be performed at your convenience. You will still receive a search package which you will use to review the draft rather than needing to create it, and you will continue to clear title and underwrite risk, all at a time and from a place of your choosing.

If you are already an Attorney Alliance member, and you are interested in “test driving” this new initiative please contact your account executive Van Hante (708-692-2824), Michael Guerin (847-651-5635) or Mary Pellegrini (7808-434-1306) so they can help you get set up on the new system.

To learn more or to join the Attorney Alliance, call Van, Michael or Mary at the numbers shown above or via email at the addresses shown on page 3.


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