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Title Insurance Explained

Prairie Title: 30 Years and Going Strong

Title Insurance Explained Visually

Closing Costs Explained Visually

What Are Discount Points?

What Happens On Closing Day?

What Do I Get At Closing?

What Makes Up Closing Costs?

What Is Earnest Money?

Do I Need A Lawyer To Buy A Home?

What Is Equity?

What Are Closing Costs For FHA Loans?

Are FHA Loans Assumable?

What Are Real Estate Commissions?

What Is An Escrow Account? Do I Need One?

What’s An Appraisal?

What Is RESPA?

What Is Mortgage Insurance?

What Is PMI?

Can I Pay Off My Loan Ahead Of Schedule?

What Is An Inspection Clause?

What Does Ability To Repay Mean?

What Does The Closing Meeting Involve For The Seller?

What Does The Closing Process Involve When I Sell?

How Are Pre-Qualifying And Pre-Approval Different?

What Are The Cost or Fees For Loan Origination?

What Should I Look For In The Final Walkthrough?


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Why Buy Title Insurance


The Importance of Title Insurance