Title Insurance 101

What is it and why do you need it?

By Frank Pellegrini

Ensure a Smooth and Legal Transfer of Title

You have made the big decision to buy or sell a home. While you focus on planning an exciting new life, keeping complications to a minimum will be of great value. You can rest assured that your transaction will close smoothly and efficiently with no complications by getting title insurance.

Our Role In Your Transaction

We work to protect your property rights and ensure you buy or sell your home with confidence. In doing so, we are your title insurance agent for your real estate transaction.

Prior to your closing on the property we examine and verify all associated legal documents. It’s a complex process, but it’s important because it ensures the title can be legally transferred between the prior owner and the new owner.

A Complex But Necessary Step

We do a thorough search of public and private records looking for potential legal pitfalls such as previous liens, tax issues, unpaid child support, ownership disputes, forgery or fraud and other possible issues that could affect the property.

After we’ve search the records and verified the owner’s right to sell the property we will commit to providing you with title insurance, giving all parties peace of mind as you move into this new phase in your life. Then we’ll help close the transaction! For details on closing, check out our videos.

Why Prairie Title?

Rest assured, in the Chicagoland area you have a great option that combines value and expertise. Prairie Title has been a trusted source for title insurance and closing services since 1983. CEO Frank Pellegrini and his staff will put their decades of expertise in the local market to work for you in bringing your transaction to a close smoothly and without complications.