Assurance - Summer 2023

Assurance - Summer 2023

By Administrator

Maria Cristiano, my law partner and general counsel for Prairie Title, has authored a column about the state of our industry which is featured on page 3 of this issue. I urge you to read Maria’s perspective and I have decided to keep my column brief for this issue so you can quickly move on to read Maria’s piece.

Our industry is struggling, and catastrophe nearly struck at the be- ginning of June when the U.S. Debt Limit ceiling was within days of being breached. I’ll leave it to others to debate the merits of the bill’s partic- ulars, but I am relieved that wisdom prevailed, and we can all forget about the Debt Limit for the next two years.

While there may yet be a budget fight in Congress this Fall, in the meantime our economy should continue to grow. That leaves one dragon to slay: infla- tion and the Fed’s dedication to battling it with a long series of interest rate hikes.

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