To see how our industry is continuing to protect and serve our clients and communities through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, watch this video

Title Industry Responds to COVID-19: Our Title Is Protection

Title insurance professionals take pride in protecting their customers by ensuring that their home is theirs when they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the title insurance industry has stepped up even more to help their communities. Whether it’s volunteerism, or innovation to get deals closed during this time of social distancing, the title industry is here to provide protection today, tomorrow, and forever.



Orally, by word of mouth. For example, if a landowner gives another verbal permission to gather firewood from such land, or permission to hunt game thereon, such verbal permission would be called a parol license. Also, a witness who testifies by word of mouth in court is said to give parol testimony as contrasted to written evidence which may be introduced in the case, such as original deeds, wills, correspondence, or other documents.