Rate Card

As an additional resource, you can use our consumer-friendly rate estimator calculator.

Residential Refinance Title Insurance Rates

The following rates for title insurance apply to residential refinance transactions only. Rates are subject to change. Please contact our main office for additional inquiries regarding pricing or questions about your refinance transaction.

Residential Purchase Title Insurance Rates

Rates and charges set forth herein apply to routine residential orders. Additional charges may be made for extra risk or additional processing for difficult or unusual transactions.

New Construction/Construction Escrows

Prairie Title provides services in connection with new construction, including mechanic’s and materialman’s lien waiver examinations, interim certification and construction loan escrow. Rates will be quoted upon request. Questions? Contact gsnyder@prairietitle.com.

Escrow maintenance fee

For escrows held open for more than 12 months, there will be an escrow maintenance fee of $200 per year. An hourly fee will be charged for escrow inquiries. Contact closings@prairietitle.com.