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Title Industry Responds to COVID-19: Our Title Is Protection

Title insurance professionals take pride in protecting their customers by ensuring that their home is theirs when they make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the title insurance industry has stepped up even more to help their communities. Whether it’s volunteerism, or innovation to get deals closed during this time of social distancing, the title industry is here to provide protection today, tomorrow, and forever.



A Word About Title Language

The title industry has its own language. Many of its words and idioms are derived from the language of the law while others are common words given special meaning related to land titles. There are also words and phrases coined over the years by the title industry itself.



The setting aside of certain land by the owner and declaring it to be for some public use, accompanied by the acceptance of such use by the public. Example: Streets, sidewalks, parks.


An instrument, of various forms, by which title to real estate is conveyed from one party to another.


A book among the public records in which deeds are recorded.


A restriction contained in a deed which limits the use or occupancy of the real estate or the type, size, purpose and location of improvements to be constructed on it.


Failure to perform a promised task or to pay an obligation when due.


Making void all rights under a contract or deed. The term has developed from an old French word meaning defeat or destroy.


A blemish, imperfection or deficiency. A defective title is one that is irregular and faulty.


When property at a mortgage foreclosure sale does not bring enough money to pay the mortgage debt plus costs of foreclosure, the court will enter a deficiency judgment against the mortgage debtor for the difference between the sale price and the mortgage debt plus costs.


(1) Death. (2) To transfer title to property or an interest in property by will or lease.


Sometimes called “Deposit Receipt.” An agreement, used in some areas, prepared by real estate agents and signed by purchaser and seller acknowledging that a sale has been agreed to and that, in order to bind the deal, a certain amount of good faith money has been deposited by the purchaser with the agent or a title company. Such agreements are often as comprehensive, with respect to terms of sale, as regular real estate sales agreements.


Loss in value occasioned by ordinary wear and tear; destructive action of the elements; or functional or economic obsolescence.


A gift of real estate made by a will.


One who is given real estate under a will.


To deprive one of the possession and use of real estate.