A Word About Title Language

The title industry has its own language. Many of its words and idioms are derived from the language of the law while others are common words given special meaning related to land titles. There are also words and phrases coined over the years by the title industry itself.



When a group of title companies shares the cost of one take When a group of title companies shares the cost of one take off made for the use and benefit of each member of the group, it is called a joint take off.


Two or more persons who hold title to real estate jointly, with equal rights to share in its enjoyment during their respective lives with the provision that upon the death of a joint tenant, his share in the property passes to the surviving tenants, and so on, until the full title is vested in the last survivor. A joint tenant cannot legally sell or encumber his interest without the consent or joinder of all of the other joint tenants.


A conclusion or determination by a court of law usually awarding the payment of money or relief of some kind to one of the parties to a lawsuit.


Of or pertaining to courts of law or the administration of justice. JUNIOR MORTGAGE A mortgage lower in lien priority than a first mortgage.


(1) the right and power of courts to interpret and apply the law. (2) The legal power of control over persons and property. (3) A geographical area in which a court has power and authority to act.


A system of laws. The science or philosophy of the law. K