A Word About Title Language

The title industry has its own language. Many of its words and idioms are derived from the language of the law while others are common words given special meaning related to land titles. There are also words and phrases coined over the years by the title industry itself.



An estate or interest in land which comes into being upon the termination of an existing estate or interest. When a grantor conveys a life estate to “A” with remainder to “B”, it means that “A” has a part of the absolute title and “B” has the remainder. Also, that “A” will own the property during his natural life, but at his death, instead of the property going to “A’s” heirs or devisees, it goes to “B”.


Often called restrictive covenants. Provisions in a deed or other instrument whereby an owner of land prohibits or restricts certain use, occupation, and improvement of the land.